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Events at the   Restaurant Solisbrücke

Dessert Restaurant Solisbruecke

Mother's Day

On May 14, 2023 we will celebrate Mother's Day with a three-course menu.

Celebrate with us!


A reservation is requested.


Asterix and Obelix at Solis

Every 2 years, the Solis Bridge becomes a Gaul stronghold. 

What started out small has now grown into an indispensable event in the region. Every 2 years we dress up as Gauls, grill wild boar and enjoy sitting at the table in a different way than usual.

Solisbruecke Wildmenu.jpg

Hunters  menu

Every Saturday and Sunday in September and October we celebrate the hunting season with a dish of the day from the local hunt. 

We wish you a nice autumn time.

Samiklaus Solisbruecke.JPG

Santa in Solis

On the first Saturday in December, Samiklaus arrives at the Solisbrücke restaurant with his donkey and dirt - an experience not only for the little ones!


To celebrate the day there is Grittibenz, gingerbread, children's punch, mulled wine, fondue in a baguette and much more. Everyone is welcome: big and small, with or without children.



Celebrate Easter in the Solisbrücke restaurant

What could be nicer than enjoying the spring sun at Easter and being spoiled with fine food? We have a three-course Easter menu to celebrate the day. 

Please reservate.

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