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We need support


We are looking for support for our family-run restaurant Solisbrücke with guest garden ...

Restaurant Solisbrücke voller Gastrgarte.jpeg

All-rounder kitchen (50%)

Skills and tasks

  • Prepare the mise en place for the meal service

  • Prepare dishes à la carte

  • Prepare lunch menu for approx. 20 people

  • Understand and speak Swiss German fluently

We are a catering business with family-friendly working hours.

What we offer...

We not only expect humanity, we are happy to give it back. We like to go straight and simple - with us everyone is through "you". Ideas are spun together. We take  Consideration of individual needs whenever possible.

We also apply in the high season: The regular working hours are adhered to and there are 2 days off per week. There are no facilities.

What we expect...

In our restaurant, humanity and warmth are a "must". Whether the drink is brought from the left or the right is less important than a friendly smile to greet our guests.

Unskilled service staff are also very welcome here - but they should at least have worked in a restaurant before. Loyalty, commitment and team spirit are important to us.

Beach Banquet

Are you a good match for us?

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